About Us

Corporate Chair Massages LLC

Corporate Chair Massages LLC, owned by Jeannette Sweeney, LMT, emerged from her transformative journey. While pursuing her English Bachelor's degree at Villanova University, Sweeney, seeking stress relief during finals, experienced her first chair massage. A marketing copywriter craving personal connections, she transitioned into her second career as a licensed massage therapist after realizing the profound satisfaction of aiding others in feeling better.

With a rich background, including 14 years at prestigious hotels like Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Spa, Four Seasons Philadelphia, and The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia Spa, Sweeney pivoted to establish Corporate Chair Massages LLC.

At Corporate Chair Massages, our core mission is to reduce job stress, elevate performance, and boost workplace productivity. However, our larger mission extends beyond this to develop constructive and valuable relationships with our clients. We understand that companies rely on us to help them achieve their goals of differentiating through superior employee and customer relations.

During our chair massage events, our licensed therapists deliver 15-minute sessions to relax and rejuvenate stressed office workers. To streamline the process, participants receive a sign-up form beforehand to choose a time that aligns with their schedule. For larger gatherings such as conferences and expos, we offer chair massages on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What sets us apart from competitors is our leadership. With a licensed massage therapist at the helm, we bring a unique advantage to the table. This fosters mutual respect between our staff and leadership, ensuring that only top-quality licensed massage therapists are hired. By prioritizing excellence in both leadership and service delivery, we’re committed to exceeding expectations and building lasting partnerships with our clients. Together, let’s create a workplace environment where wellness thrives, and success flourishes.

Ready to enhance workplace wellness? Call us today to organize your first corporate chair massage event.