About Corporate Chair Massages LLC


Jeannette Sweeney is the owner of Corporate Chair Massages LLC. While attending Villanova University (class of 2007), Jeannette received her first massage - a chair massage - provided by the school to help students manage stress as they prepared for finals. She entered the workforce as a marketing copywriter where she developed a taste for coffee and counted the hours going by with check mark on her to-do list. Realizing the cubicle life was not for her, Jeannette move to Hawaii to pursue her diploma in massage therapy.


While school did not ever open in Hawaii, it was here that Jeannette caught the "surf" bug. She returned home to the mainland with a new hobby while she worked, again, as a copywriter and attended massage therapy school in the evenings and weekends.


Upon graduation, Jeannette has worked at Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian Spa as well as the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. Since then, Jeannette combined her experiences and formed Corporate Chair Massages LLC to bring wellness into the workplace where she can help avid coffee aficionados cut back their caffeine and get through the day without counting down the hours until it's time to leave.

Unlike competitors, Corporate Chair Massages LLC services extend beyond just the 15-minute chair massage itself.

We provide each participant with a bottle of water to re-hydrate and refresh, as well as a healthy snack to perk you up to return to work. Also, we raffle off one FREE table massage at every chair event. 

Her team's passion is to help individuals reduce and manage stress, and correct postural imbalances, while providing  on-going education about personal wellness. 

Corporate Chair Massages LLC strives to not only bring wellness into the workplace but also cultivate on-going partnerships with customers. We hand-select the best LMTs and match them with the like-minded corporate environments. We remember each participant by name and follow up on Suzy's big race, the upcoming job promotion, or the new house because we care. 

Be less stressed at work today!