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After months of preparation, race day is finally here. 

Forget the hours spent logging hours on their bikes. The Holy Rollers attribute their lack of pre-race jitters due to the crew captain, Michelle’s, extensive planning. 

It is because of her that the lead and follow cars, as well as the RV shuttling relief crew, each are fully stocked with maps, schedules, healthy provisions, sleeping bags, and blinking lights to signal we’re a part of an envoy.  

Today the entire crew prepared the vehicles for their across-the-states venture, abiding by Race Across America’s strict guidelines. 

Due to unforeseen technical errors, including a transmission breakdown, a new bike rack and new follow car were purchased. 

Each vehicle must be thoroughly washed in order for the Holy Roller’s team number, 

RAAM’s sponsors and their chosen charity’s logo to adhere properly to the vehicle. 

The team’s mechanic unexpectedly had to tinker around with the batteries on a bike that does not manually shift gears, it’s all done electronically. 

Provisions for the team were delivered in order to ensure racers have access to a proper supply of protein, fresh fruit, vegetables, and yes, even some comfort food items, such as coffee, protein bars, and, surprisingly, dates. 

Each vehicle is equipped with supplies, ranging from lubricants and ice packs to typical first aid kit materials and emergency protein bars. 

Then, each vehicle was to be inspected by race staff. 

After taking a team photo, 

meeting the competition, 

and attending a meeting where rules were reviewed, we enjoyed a team dinner discussing the anticipated frustrations both the team and crew will encounter. 

Stay tuned as Team High Rollers clip in and pedal across America, including Death Valley!